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Content for our NFT Music Festival is now on sale!

QUESTRY’s NFT Music Festival officially launched today!
As the first drop, we are selling items (with unique NFTs) featuring Japan’s world-class top jazz guitarist, Kazumi Watanabe. We are proud to share two covers of some renowned classics, both of which are rare and official unreleased takes!

My One and Only Love

A Frank Sinatra solid golden oldie that became an international hit in 1953. The sound source for sale was recorded by Kazumi Watanabe at Ohga Hall in Karuizawa, Japan, on the day following his 50th anniversary live performance in September, 2021. The recordings from the anniversary performance will be sold together on the auction site DaVinci, but this special take will ONLY be sold on QUESTRY.

Norwegian Wood

Originally released in 1965, this is a well-known Beatles song. The cover for sale is one of the unreleased tracks previously recorded in 1999, as a duo with flutist Shozo Nakagawa. The duo has plans to unveil a number of other recordings to add to the collection for sale in the future.


Each cover will be available in limited quantities and will be sold world-wide via the crypto-asset ETH. Various benefits are planned for those who make a purchase, including HQ sound recordings.

We will gradually add songs and update the participating artist roster, so don’t forget to check back here for details or follow our socials, with notifications ON for more information.

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Signed instruments and other physical items that are also sold with NFTs are NOW available for sale on DaVinci, our NFT auction website. Make sure to stick around as fan-favorite items will begin popping-up one after another!