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基調講演『NFTがもたらした変革』 登壇者:月光恵亮

For the NFT Music Festival, we have prepared a special keynote speech! Keisuke Tsukimitsu, who has a long history as a famous producer in the music industry and now a digital artist, is producing and selling NFT art. How did NFTs drawn Mr. Tsukimitsu, who knew all there is about the music industry, as a cutting-edge artist in? Having experienced past changes in the industry, Mr. Tsukimitsu understands how the music world is being transformed by blockchain and NFTs.


■ About Keisuke Tsukimitsu

As a music producer, he produced many big artists such as BOØWY, ZIGGY, and LINDBERG, and also worked with artists as a lyricist, composer, and arranger. Unfortunately, in 2019, he decided to leave the path of music production due to hearing loss. Since then, he actively pushes his overflowing creativity into digital art production. He continues to publish his works via Social Media.