To purchase NFT, please use a PC


QUESTRY is officially open! Wallet creation video now available!

Royalty Bank, Inc. has officially launched “QUESTRY”, one of the few sites in Japan to sell NFTs in addition to content as a means to cultivate community. Before the start of sales on March 8th, we are releasing a video explaining how to create and set up a crypto-wallet. This is used to store NFTs and make payments with crypto-assets–it’s essential! Please create one and get ready to experience a whole new standard of music brought on by NFTs. Wallet creation guide page


Unlike ordinary streaming services, QUESTRY is a digital content sales site that utilizes blockchain technology to directly connect artists and fans without the need for intermediaries. All content will be accompanied by an NFT, a digital certificate that cannot be tampered with. Buyers can access proof of purchases via the records they hold at any time. From the Seller’s side, information on who the buyer is, i.e., who is a devoted fan, will be accessible. Artists can offer various rights as a service to purchasers, such as access to higher quality sound sources or invitations to exclusive events. This will create new bonds between artists and their fans (purchasers), as well as fans with other fans, that has yet to be established in Japan. QUESTRY is available in both English and Japanese, and purchases will be settled in the crypto-asset ETH (Ethereum) via a crypto-wallet, allowing artists to share their work across the globe. This style of engagement and development, in which the artists themselves take the initiative in creating, selling, and promoting their works to foster a community with their fans, is spreading, as seen in recent media reports. This is the very idea that acts as the foundation of Web 3.0.