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Crypto and Taxes

■ Taxation of Crypto-asset Profits

As long as you make a profit from trading Crypto-assets, you will be subject to taxation.

The possible patterns of taxation are:

  • Selling owned Crypto-assets When a profit is made by selling a Crypto-asset that you owned. There is no tax for strictly owning.
  • Exchanging Crypto-assets If you profit by exchanging Crypto-assets you own, you will be taxed.
  • Purchases made with Crypto-assets When you make a purchase using Crypto-assets, you must convert it into cash. If you make a profit from the exchange, you will be taxed.

However, if your total income (excluding earned via employment) is within 200,000JPY, then you do not need to file an income tax return.

Most profits from Crypto-asset trading are classified as “miscellaneous income”. To calculate “miscellaneous income” from Crypto-assets, please refer to the page below.

Tax Treatment and Calculation Form for Crypto Assets (December 2021)



○Blockchain Blockchain is a type of database technology that records information. Once the information is correctly recorded on the blockchain, it cannot be rewritten and will remain as public record. Through the use of blockchain, users can make transactions with various crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin, directly with each other without the need for a third party. Blockchain is said to be a means of keeping a public record of transactions.
○(Crypto) Wallets A crypto-wallet holds tokens; NFTs and crypto-assets are tokens. As long as you have a wallet, you can receive money from all over the world. However, if the blockchain is private, there is no way for tokens to come in from outside.
○NFT An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is commonly explained as an irreplaceable token, similar to a certificate that cannot be tampered with. When you add NFTs to your content, you can include written rules and other details, such as the seller, buyer, distribution information, and anything about the rights. The NFTs are stored in a crypto-wallet created by the owner via blockchain.
○Smart Contracts A smart contract is a program that can automatically generate, approve, and execute contracts. (Blockchain doesn’t handle nor come in contact with contracts.) The behavior of tokens and NFTs are described in the smart contract. With smart contracts, the entire process can be automated, so when you send Ethereum or other crypto-currencies, the contract is automatically executed and you receive services (NFTs, etc.) as compensation.
○Etheruem (ETH) Etheruem is a blockchain developed by Vitalik Buterin. The crypto-currency used in this blockchain is called Ether (unit: ETH).

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