To purchase NFT, please use a PC


WEB3.0 Music website “QUESTRY” now open!

“QUESTRY” is a completely new place for interaction, where NFTs are assigned to the content for sale, and through the use of these NFTs, a community is fostered between artists and fans.

Keisuke Tsukimitsu, legendary music producer and now digital artist, discusses how NFTs are transforming the music world as the keynote speech, “Transformation brought on by NFTs”. Watch now!



ethereum, Polygon(Matic) ethereum, Polygon(Matic)

QUESTRY is a place where artists can sell their content for NFTs (ERC721, ERC2981). It uses Ethereum, and fans can purchase NFTs by using wallets such as Metamask. By logging in with a wallet that holds NFTs, users can participate in the community, including viewing exclusive content provided by artists. For more information on creating a wallet and purchasing cryptocurrency, please click here.



Fans wanting to get their hands on your music are eagerly waiting! Interested in using QUESTRY to locate those super fans? Apply now.